10 Best Cougar Fans Deals 2022

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Do Not Waste Your Money! Read 10 Best Cougar Fans Deals 2022 Now and Find Best Deals For You

Product Highlights
  • The best argb lighting effects: with the built-in 5v-argb ports and 24 argb lamp beads, cougar vortex vx120 cooling fan provides various and colorful lighting effects from anywhere through the light ring and the fan blade at the same time. because of this, players can enjoy wonderful lighting effects from any angle of the fan.
  • Anti-vibration damper: cougar vortex vx120 cooling fan is equipped with rubber dampers at four edges of the fan, which performs excellent to avoid vibration. it can reduce noise from mounting gap or resonance in the chassis, and optimizes the silent performance of your pc system.
  • Argb case fan with dynamic hdb rearing: cougar vortex vx120 high-performance cooling fan not only provides the ultimate argb lighting effects for your chassis but also improves the cooling effect efficiently. there is no doubt that vx120 is definitely the best part of argb gaming pc system.
  • Great cooling capabilities & durability: cougar’s patented vortex fan frame design brings great performance by concentrating air flow. hydro dynamic bearings (hdb) can extend the life of the fan and reduce operating noise effectively. meanwhile, with pwm control function, it can be adjusted between the speed from 600 to 1500rpm automatically to fit different conditions,…
  • Boost with core box v3: with cougar core box v3 controller, cougar vortex vx120 cooling fan can maximize its performance.it not only allows players to create the exclusive high-performance cooling system but also having perfect argb lighting effect. so, this combo set must be the best choice for setting unique argb gaming pc.

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