10 Best Round Beds Deals 2022

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Do Not Waste Your Money! Read 10 Best Round Beds Deals 2022 Now and Find Best Deals For You

Product Highlights
  • 【full bed with storage space】there are two storage compartments on each side of the bed and one compartment of the footboard, which can be used to store daily necessities ,but also provides convenient bonus seating .this is the perfect choice for those who like to make use of space.
  • 【no box spring needed】the full platform bed frame with plywood frame support to extend the life of all kinds of mattress : latex, memory foam, or spring mattress, make this platform bed full size does not require a box spring.recommend mattress thickness 8-10” for this full upholstered platform bed .(mattress not included)
  • 【gorgeous upholstered platform bed 】the full size bed frame with headboard featuring button-tufted diamond detailing along both sides and headboard and footboard makes a statement in any bedroom space. its foam padded upholstery offers supportive comfort while relaxing.
  • 【solid & sturdy full bed frames】the upholstered platform bed full size is made of high quality solid wood ,mdf frame and durable wooden slats, providing a dense and strong support . the solid construction ensures both a lifetime of use, and a sturdy full size bed frame with headboard which won’t wobble.weight capability:528lb.
  • 【easy care & assembly】this upholstered bed with soft natural velvet and a well foam-filled is easy to clean. some simple assembly is required, clear and detailed instructions and all necessary tools are provided. kindly note: this full bed will be shipped by 3 boxes , may arrive on different date, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions .

Product Highlights
  • ✰【gorgeous and elegant platform bed】this velvet upholstered platform bed features a classic design and attractive finish, the bed frame is decorated with beautifully tufted buttons throughout. also, the most eye-catching is the side wing headboard, which not only showcases button-tufted detailing but is also designed with nail-head trim that will add a pop of color to y…
  • ✰【strong frame and easy care】the material of this platform bed is made of solid pine and high quality mdf and velvet, with solid side rails, center wooden rails and extra support legs for stability, support and durability. and, the foam-filled headboard and footboard, as well as wooden slats, provide great mattress support. this upholstered bed is padded with soft natur…
  • ✰【dimensions】overall product dimension: 99.2”l x 87.7”w x 46.8”h. bed dimension(inner size): 81.1”l x 61”w. total height: 46.8”. overall product weight : 215lb. bed weight capacity: 528lb. recommend bed mattress thickness: 8-10”. number of slats: 10pcs. note: not include mattress. no box spring needed.
  • ✰【storage space】the platform bed is designed with storage space on both sides and footboard, it can be used by just gently opening, it provides convenient storage space for your pillow or blanket. in addition to storing pillows or blankets, you can also store everyday items to keep your bedroom tidy. in addition, the storage space can be used as an ottoman when the stor…
  • ✰【easy to assemble】number of package: 3 boxes which may not come together.. we will provide clear instructions and tools, you just need to follow the steps in the instructions and you can assemble in no time. if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service representatives.

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Product Information will be Updated Soon.
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Round Beds Buying Guide

Remember the huge spinning bed from the movie Austin Powers? Would you want that in your home? It will cost some fortune. But if you have space in your house and would want a different kind of bed, it is probably worth it.

What is a Round Bed?

A round bed is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a bed shaped like a circle instead of the usual rectangular or square shapes. The mattress can be circular or rectangular, but the bed has to be circular.

So, why buy a round bed? They are luxurious. No one buys a round bed because it’s the cheapest bed around. An average round bed can cost in the upwards of $1000. The cheapest good-quality round beds cost $500-600, and they are also small in sizes.

Because they are circular shaped, the only space where you can sleep comfortably is at the center. Where you would place a conventional bed and have plenty of space in the room, round beds eats up a lot of space.

As you would expect, not everyone thinks round beds are worth buying. They are expensive. They take up a lot of space and are impractical for most families. But as we already mentioned, people buy round beds for their exquisite designs.

Top Sites to Buy Round Beds

If you have the space to accommodate a round bed, find a good bed. Pick an elegantly designed bed that rhymes with your interior décor seamlessly. Here’s where to find the best circle beds.


Few shopping sites offer better deals than Wayfair. While others charge in excess of $1500 for a regular queen-sized bed, you can find great deals from $700 on Wayfair. Shipping is free of charge throughout the US, and the bed is delivered within two days.

Most of Wayfair’s round beds are accompanied by rectangular mattresses for practicality reasons. So, if you want a round bed for your master bedroom, you don’t have to feel afraid it may be uncomfortable for two people.

Besides free shipping, Wayfair’s progressive return policies ensure you can return your round bed if it’s faulty upon arrival. You also don’t have to pay the full amount up front. Simply register for the company’s 12-month pay program and pay in installments.


Amazon has a wider variety of round beds than Wayfair. Make sure you view their avalanche of outdoor and indoor circle beds before you make a buying decision. Their prices for round beds are slightly higher than Wayfair’s, but with round beds, it’s never about the price.

Lavishness comes first when buying a circle bed. Comfort and space come second. Like Wayfair, Amazon allows you to return the bed if you are not satisfied. They also do free shipping, meaning the price you see on their site is all you pay.


eBay is the biggest competitor of Amazon in almost all areas. From service delivery to prices, everything you see on Amazon can be found on eBay. Their prices are near similar, but they have an even wider variety. eBay lists round beds sold by companies from all around the world.

If you have a preference for European manufacturers, scroll through the website’s catalogs. Like Amazon, eBay’s round beds cost a tad bit higher than Wayfair. But then again, there is more variety.

When it comes to shipping, be prepared to pay shipping fees that range from $30 to $100. Some companies do offer free shipping though.


If saving money is in your plans as you shop for a round bed, Walmart is a great website to shop. The platform doesn’t have a wide variety of round beds, but the few you find are all priced below $1000. Shipping is done free of charge, and their return policy ensures you get a new bed if you receive a damaged one.

Keep in mind that Walmart alternates its online prices compared to in-store prices all the time. If you visit the company's stores regularly, make sure to visit their furniture category. Compare those prices with what they offer online and make the right decision.


Ikea is a global brand when it comes to selling furniture. Any kind of beds you need can be found on the website. Unlike many sellers, Ikea is one of the cheapest places for furniture. Whether you are after round beds or sofas, be certain to find great deals on the Swedish store.

Important Features

What should you look for when buying a Round Bed?

Buying any kind of furniture is a long-term investment. When it’s an expensive round bed in question, pay attention to the following features.


Round beds vary from small pieces of furniture that can be placed at one corner to large masterpieces. Buy a bed depending on the number of people who'll be sleeping on it and the space you have at home. If you want a King-sized bed for two, make sure you also have the space to accommodate it.


Finding a round bed is already hard enough. Finding an accompanying mattress can be a lot more hard work. Fortunately, most round beds on Wayfair, Amazon and the other sites also come with mattresses. But if they don’t have a mattress, good luck trying to find a mattress.


Just the way round beds and mattresses can be difficult to find, so are the linens. Most of them are also expensive, costing between $150 and $250. The best way to buy a round mattress is to find one with a mattress and its linens.

Advantages of a Round Bed

They are Authentic

Not many homes have round beds, and that makes having one a unique aspect of your home. A good round bed makes your bedroom look authentic. Round beds are also stylish and uniquely beautiful. The fact that they also consume a lot of space makes them the center of your bedrooms, exhuming their elegance and style to everyone that sees them.

Modern and Visually Impressive

Round beds look modern and stylish no matter how much they cost. When you have one in your bedroom, no one can deny you have a sense of style. With their impeccable designs, round beds also exude confidence to everyone who uses them.

Comfortable and fewer risks for Injuries

Sure, the beds look circular. But no type of bed is safer from injuries than round beds. The beds are designed for utmost comfort and with little to no risk of injuries.

Can house large drawers

Underneath the round beds are large amounts of space that can be turned into line-storage drawers. The best beds already come equipped with the drawers, making them convenient for storing a lot of bedroom necessities.

Disadvantages of Round Beds

Consumes a lot of Space

You certainly can’t find space to place a round bed in a studio apartment. You’ll struggle to find space in your bedroom if you already have another bed in there. For most people, round beds are too big and impractical to buy.


Most modern beds are expensive, but round beds are even more expensive. The average circle bed goes for $800 while an executive bed can go in the upwards of $1,500.


Round beds blend with furniture and interior décor smoothly. An elegant bed can also turn your bedroom into a lavish space anyone would be proud to live in. They aren't cheap though and finding the space to house them can be difficult. But if you can afford a round bed and have space in your bedroom, go for it.

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