10 Best Shot Pourer For 1.75 L Bottles 2022 Feature And Price Comparison

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Product Highlights
  • Leak proof: designed by a united states air force veteran and a restaurant professional with over 30 years in the industry, the pure pour spout fits securely in the bottle and does not leak at all. this allows bartenders to pour more smoothly and more accurately, eliminating overpours, spills, while simultaneously boosting profits. no drip, no fuss, no mess.
  • Dishwasher safe : made with a vulcanized thermoplastic blend that is heat resistant up to 130 degrees centigrade. dishwasher safe, these durable spouts are easy to clean. unlike the metal spouts which rust and fall apart, the pure pour spout maintains its shape and reliance through its lifetime!
  • Fits most bottles: due to its patent-pending design, the pure pour spout fits in and around most bottles. with its flexible material and high durability, this liquor pourer is reusable and longer-lasting than traditional pour spouts. they are perfect for keeping the replacement costs down. ideal for clubs, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hotels and much more!
  • Cleanliness: there’s nothing nastier than a bunch of bar’s spouts left uncovered too long. keep alcohol, juices, and flavoring syrups protected with our universal dust caps and non-metal flexible spout. just snap them into place and no more worrying about dust or anything else getting into your bottles. made to be a tight fit with an easy pull design for removal, the un…
  • For a multitude of different liquors: this pourer allows you to pour liquor, juices, and flavoring syrups with speed and accuracy, helping to increase efficiency and reduce customer waiting time. the spout can be used as a bar pourer for liquor bottles but also as an oil pourer for olive oil or as a balsamic vinegar dispenser bottle. try it out on bottles of avocado oil…

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