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Top 10 Best Nicwell Water Flosser for 2022 Price and Features Comparison

Water Dental Flosser Cordless for Teeth - Nicwell 4 Modes Dental Oral Irrigator, Portable and Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof Powerful Battery Life Water Teeth Cleaner Picks for Home Travel

$29.99  in stock
as of November 26, 2022 2:55 am


Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8.03 x 4.06 x 2.68 inches; 14.89 Ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ F5025
Batteries ‏ : ‎ 1 Lithium Ion batteries required.
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ January 11, 2021
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Nicwell
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B08SM447BQ

  • 【Deeply Clean Teeth, Whiten Teeth and Improve Gum Health】With upgraded unique pulsation technique, Nicwell water dental flosser can offer high pressure water pulse 1400-1800 times/min, 30-110PSI strong water pressure to remove 99.99% food residue hidden deep, massage the gum effectively...

Water Dental flosser for Teeth Cleaning - Oralfree Braces Care, Cordless Portable Rechargeable Oral Irrigator 4 Modes 5 Tips IPX7 Waterproof Powerful Battery Water Teeth Cleaner Pick for Home Travel

$28.99  in stock
as of November 26, 2022 2:55 am


Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7.99 x 4.02 x 2.68 inches; 14.89 Ounces
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ October 30, 2021
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Oralfree
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09KPJ8R4Q

  • 【 Oralfree Braces Flossers Kit 】 The electric water dental picks teeth cleaning kit with handheld features an ergonomic design and upgraded professional pulsation technique, with mouthwash whitening pressure water pulse 1400-1800 times/min, 30-110PSI strong water pressure to effectively...

USB Charging Cable for Nicwell, Fairywill, Aquasonic, MOSPRO, Nicefeel, Zerhunt, Oralfree, Waterfloss, Tovendor, Hangsun, Initio, McNaval and Cremax Water Flosser, White, 2 Pack

$7.99  in stock
as of November 26, 2022 2:55 am


Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 6.85 x 3.19 x 0.79 inches; 1.76 Ounces
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ March 31, 2022
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Cabor
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09WXLS12F

  • 💚Compatible with Nicwell, Fairywill, Aquasonic, Oralfree, Waterfloss, Tovendor, Hangsun & Initio water flosser model 5002, 5012, 5020, 5025, F18, F27
  • 💛Also compatible with MOSPRO, Nicefeel, Zerhunt, McNaval and Cremax water flosser model FC159 FC1591 FC152...

Nicwell 6 PCS Replacement Classic Jet Tips Dental Water Jet Nozzle Accessories for F5205 Functional Jet Tips for Family Oral Irrigator

$14.99  in stock
as of November 26, 2022 2:55 am


Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 3.9 x 2.76 x 0.91 inches; 3.53 Ounces
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ March 25, 2022
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Nicwell
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09WH87H3J

  • 【Package Includes】6 Water Flosser Classic Jet Tips. whether you want to use them at home or you're an orthodontist looking for a replacement. These advanced tip replacement flossers provide
  • 【Using】Recommended to replace every 3 months,Effective access to health and...

Water Flosser, NBGRLVS Portable Water Flosser for Teeth, Cordless Dental Oral Irrigator Professional for Braces 3 Mode, IPX7 Waterproof Rechargeable Teeth Cleaner 2 Tips for Home and Travel (White)

$15.99  in stock
as of November 26, 2022 2:55 am


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 2.95 x 2.99 x 10.31 inches; 14.22 Ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ FL-V8plus
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ January 15, 2022
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ NBGRLVS

  • 👍【Why we need a Water Flosser? 】Experts point out that brushing can only solve the problem of cleaning the surface of the teeth. But many oral problems are caused by inadequate cleaning between teeth. Water flossers use a pressurized stream of water, to remove food particles and...

Bitvae Water Flosser Professional for Teeth , Portable 300ML Water Teeth Cleaner Picks , 3 Cleaning Modes 6 Jet Tips , IPX7 Waterproof , USB Rechargeable Water Dental Picks for Cleaning , C2

$29.99  in stock
as of November 26, 2022 2:55 am


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 4 x 3 x 8 inches; 13.12 Ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ C2
Batteries ‏ : ‎ 1 AAA batteries required. (included)
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ February 24, 2022
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Bitvae
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09T8WK7Q8

  • Faster and more efficient cleaning - Bitvae's special water pressure frequency design removes up to 99.9% of food debris and dental plaque. It is 50% more effective than traditional flos in improving gum health, especially for bleeding gums, people during orthodontic period, bad breath...

H2ofloss Water Flosser Portable Dental Oral Irrigator with 5 Modes, 6 Replaceable Jet Tips, Rechargeable Waterproof Teeth Cleaner for Home and Travel -300ml Detachable Reservoir

$27.18  in stock
as of November 26, 2022 2:55 am


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8.82 x 3.86 x 2.83 inches; 13.4 Ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ hf-6
Batteries ‏ : ‎ 1 AAA batteries required. (included)
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ December 2, 2020
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ h2ofloss
Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ China

  • 【2021-UPGRADED WATER FLOSSER】 Newest dental flosser is upgraded with 5 settings of water pressure(range from 20-110psi).This design allows you customize your own teeth cleaning experience. Another outstanding breakthrough is :The gravity ball added at the end of tube ensure water can come...

H2ofloss Water Flosser Portable Dental Oral Irrigator with 5 Modes, 6 Replaceable Jet Tips, Rechargeable Waterproof Teeth Cleaner for Home and Travel -300ml Detachable Reservoir (HF-6)

$26.33  in stock
as of November 26, 2022 2:55 am


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 2.36 x 3.15 x 8.66 inches; 1.19 Pounds
Item model number ‏ : ‎ hf-6
Batteries ‏ : ‎ 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
UPC ‏ : ‎ 749390289113
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ h2ofloss
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07T7M2VT2

  • 【2020-UPGRADED MODEL】 Newest dental flosser is upgraded with 5 settings of water pressure(range from 20-110psi).This design allows you customize your own teeth cleaning experience. Another outstanding breakthrough is :The gravity ball added at the end of tube ensure water can come out...

Cordless Water Dental Flosser for Teeth - Portable and Rechargeable 350ML Oral Irrigator with 5 Modes 6 Replaceable Tips - IPX7 Waterproof Powerful Battery Life Water Dental Picks for Travel Home Use

$27.98  in stock
as of November 26, 2022 2:55 am


Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 10.2 x 3.62 x 3.62 inches; 14.89 Ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ AOW03
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ April 9, 2022
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ AAU

  • DEEPLY CLEAN TEETH; IMPROVE GUM HEALTH: Adopting the upgraded Pulse Technique, the water dental flosser offers 2200-3000 per minute pulse frequency and 50-150 PSI water pressure to bring high-power stream delivery. The water teeth cleaner picks can effectively and precisely clean 99.99%...

Professional Cordless Water Dental Flosser for Teeth Cleaning and Whitening| 4 Pressure Modes | 4 Replacement Tips | Rechargeable & Waterproof |Oral irrigator with a Powerful Battery for Home&Travel

$31.97  in stock
as of November 26, 2022 2:55 am


Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 9.29 x 3.46 x 3.15 inches; 1.08 Pounds
Item model number ‏ : ‎ yxy-801
Batteries ‏ : ‎ 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ August 6, 2020
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ B.weiss products

  • 【10 Oz/300ML Water Tank Capacity 】1 refill only for a whole mouth clean-up. Detachable water tank for easy cleaning.
  • 【Satisfaction Guarantee OR Get Your Money Back】We provide a 1-year full warranty on the flosser. For any kind of issue you can contact our professional support...

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  1. After my last visit to the dentist (had not been in several years) I started to think about using a water-pic type device since that’s what the dentists use to blast the plaque off your teeth these days – very little use of the old metal dental picks and the scraping away of the plaque.Had never used a water-pic before but a long time user of floss. Looking on Amazon for ideas found out there are battery powered ones that incorporate a water tank and don’t require any hook up to a faucet. Selected this H2O model based on reviews and price.Amazing difference using a water jet to clean between teeth vs. floss – much, much more effective (why doesn’t the dentist recommend using a water-pic)? The amount of debris that comes out while using will astound you – it did me and my wife.This unit is very effective and easy to use; the adjustability of the nozzle direction makes it easy to accommodate access, the adjustable frequency of the water pulses lets one tune it just for your comfort (believe me, when you first use it you will need that lowest setting), and the capacity of the water tank.At first, it would take 3-4 tanks to do the cleaning but now I can be finished after 1 1/2 tanks and the second to highest pulse setting – very quick and effective.We took this unit on our vacation and it worked fine but make sure you have a USB 5v power supply somewhere in your travel items. Once you get used to the super clean feeling in your mouth after use you will not want to be anywhere without access to this device on a daily (bi-daily) basis.Only negative on this product was the breakage on the two plastic tabs molded into the tank that help retain it to the water jet body. These are pretty flimsy and I knew it wouldn’t be long before they broke allowing the tank to come free when loaded with water. Solved this very easily (for us) with the use of a stout rubber band going around the bottom of the tank and resting on the chrome button that releases the water nozzle. Works great, easy to do, and no waiting for the manufacturer to come up with an improved tank or a replacement.First time user tips – 1) Use the lowest setting on the strength of pulses until your mouth/gums get a chance to adapt, 2) use warm water at first for best comfort, and 3) adjust your grip on the unit so that you don’t (and you will at first) inadvertently hit the button to speed up the pulse frequency – your gums will not appreciate the increased intensity.Final note: will never be without a water pic again for dental hygiene.11/20/20 Update to original reviewThis is a further evaluation and commentary on the use and reliability of the H2o flosser (model IPX7) that I purchased in March of 2020. There have been problems, the most important one has been highly satisfactorily resolved by the H2o support team.My first unit worked flawlessly from purchase until the first problem prevented it’s use in late August. At that time, the unit began to deliver less water flow at the nozzle – it was a mixture of air and water (compared to water only as the unit originally operated); this stream was not effective in cleansing the teeth and gums.I contacted H2o customer service and they (specifically Lily Lange) responded immediately by sending out a replacement; I received that unit within a week of my original email describing my problem.Unfortunately, within two weeks the replacement unit malfunctioned in that it too began delivering a weaker water and air mix and would not recharge. I tried several different USB 5v chargers with no improvement. I contacted Lily L. again and within 3 days I had another replacement flosser in my possession.Happy to have another flosser (once you began using a water jet flosser any other means of cleaning your teeth are woefully inadequate IMHO) I astoundingly was confronted with the very same – won’t take a charge – problem within 4 days.What gives, I asked myself…tried other chargers that I knew were effective to no avail and began to think that maybe the H2o flosser was just not going to work out. However, I had purchased another flosser when my wife and I decided we couldn’t share (going out of town apart and being without said flosser – no way). Purchased hers in late August and it has been working without any problems.Again, got back with H2o customer support and they posited a potential problem – the power cord from the 5v charger to the flosser. Then some lights began to come on in my head; back in July when we vacationed out of town I noted that the I was having some kind of electrical connection problems in that I could not get a solid connection to the flosser with the cable. The blue light, indicating a connection, would sometimes not go on and stay on; I played with the connection until it was solid and had to sometimes lay the device a certain way to maintain the connection. Also, the unit would still be flashing that blue light even after an all-night connection and I wondered whether something was wrong with the charging circuit in the unit.When we got home the problem persisted and I, thinking that water in the charging port might be a problem, consistently put the little white plug back in the port during usage to discourage this potential problem. But, as I mentioned, that first flosser finally exhibited a problem I couldn’t work around when it began to deliver a weaker stream of water at the nozzle and requested a replacement unit (back in Sept.)Now, with a first and then second replacement flosser not getting charged properly and H2o support suggesting that the cable might be the problem I used my wife’s cable to charge (again, hers had been working fine since Aug.); lo and behold the intermittent charging light problem was gone AND the unit fully recharged in less than 5 hours (H2o notes that a completely discharged unit may take up to 5 hours to recharge).What further adds to the “strangeness” of my problem was that I also tried a “new” never been used charging cable that came with the replacement unit and it too exhibited the same problem. However, comparing the “bad” cables to my wife’s “good” cable showed a subtle difference that indicates some processing or design change was made to “said” cable. The photo shows the only obvious difference in the two – the “strain relief” feature on the two cables is different, the longer strain relief is on the “good” cable.All normal indications for the recharge function appeared correct – the blue charging light was flashing indicating a solid connection. However, it appears that the “bad” cable could not deliver enough juice or power to recharge the batteries – only enough to energize the recharge circuit status (blue) light and therein lay the problem. This weak or partial connection also explains why the flashing blue light never went off even after being left on the 5v charger overnight.Thus, as of this note, the 2nd replacement unit is working flawlessly AND the 1st replacement unit’s problem (weak and low volume water flow) was also corrected by a complete recharge courtesy of the “good” power cable.As a final note, H2o send me another charging cable and I did not have to send back the defective first flosser or the faulty cables even though I would willing have done so.I think the flosser is a great product for oral hygiene and H2o is very customer-oriented in standing behind their product(s) with excellent customer service.

  2. Great customer service

  3. Arrived on time and was exactly what I need for my Tovendor flosser–original one got lost and end fitting was tricky to find–this fits and works great

  4. If your teeth are sensitive you definitely want to use warm water. The lowest setting is so powerful it makes my gums bleed, although with repeated use they are bleeding a lot less each time. I’m betting the high setting could be used to remove tile grout. Would have liked to have had a low setting that was more of a gentle massage for my gums, leaving the sandblasting effect for the highest setting. My mouth certainly feel clean after using the flosser.

  5. My dentist has been telling me for awhile that I need to purchase a water flosser because of the problems with my gums. This is the first time using one and it took a while to get used to it. I read a few of the other reviews before using to get an idea of any problems with it. One thing I did find out was it was better to use it while in the shower. My first time using it out of the shower left my bathroom with water everywhere. Now that I’m using it in the shower I feel more comfortable. I’ve only had to recharge it twice so far and I’ve had it for a while. The charges last quite a long time. Hopefully my dentist will be impressed with my new purchase.

  6. Update: (month after receiving new flosser free of charge from B. Weiss)-New flosser works great and is holding its charge. Appears my first one was defective. Leaving 4 stars instead of 5 because of this.Edit: Customer Service from B.Weiss Support contacted me, apologized for the defective device and sent a new one. I will update after I see if it holds up past a month.Quit holding a charge after a month. Charged all night 3 different times and by end of day it would not turn on. Disappointed because I liked it. At first it held charge for days and then suddenly nothing. Fortunately, it happened 3 days before return period was over. Returned to Amazon and will try a different brand.

  7. I purchased a WaterPik cordless (WP-562) in 2018 and it changed my life. So when it eventually died, I wanted to see how the tech had evolved in 4 years and upgrade. Surprisingly, WaterPik has not changed at all, so I went looking for alternatives. This Nicwell stands up pretty well with some big improvements and a couple minor nitpicks.- Much smaller than the WaterPik while holding the same amount of water (or maybe more). You can see the two compared in the pictures – the WaterPik is the larger one. Much easier to travel with.- Seemingly longer battery life. I can go weeks without charging this thing and I use it every day (2 fills of the reservoir)- Speaking of charging, the biggest benefit is that it smart charges. The WaterPik couldn’t be charged for more than 4 hours at a time without damaging the battery (yes, seriously. Go read the reviews, and even the instructions say the same thing). I can plug this thing in overnight and not have to worry. What a simple feature that was a big miss on the WaterPik.- I didn’t like the preset pressure settings on the Nicwell, but you can use the custom mode to adjust. Unfortunately, getting it into the adjustment mode is confusing, the instructions are wrong, and you actually have to have it running to change settings, which can make for a very messy situation. Eventually I found a close enough setting.- The charging port is awkward, requiring you to pull out this tiny little rubber tab that is difficult to grab. You might need tweezers or pliers depending on your finger strength. Here’s one area where the WaterPik shined: it had magnetic charging.Overall I’m very happy with this NicWell, especially considering the price. I don’t feel like it cleans quite as well as the WaterPik (the shape of the nozzle maybe?) but that just means using it for slightly longer to hit all the spots just right. All the other benefits more than make up for that.

  8. flossing teeth with ease and no mess

  9. I’m writing this review because I am actuallyOverly satisfied with this product. There are many high quality brands that have similar “water flossers” with high price tags. The price on this was relatively inexpensive so I decided to try it knowing Amazon’s great return policy.I’ve had it for just over a week and I’m borderline addicted to how good my teeth feel after using this along with normal brushing and mouthwash. It’s a legit “just left the dentist feeling” I can say for the price it is a good value and works great.This comes with a few extra standard heads, a specialized head with small brush for braces and a tongue scraper. I primarily use the standard head which is just a small jet that allows you to shoot the water stream between your teeth. I also have used the tongue scraper just to try it and it’s not bad. Allows you to scrape your tongue while a stream of water cleans and rinses.Anyone who flosses regularly knows it sucks and can be gross. Let’s face it, you are ripping old food out of your teeth. It’s a necessary evil for a healthy mouth. I used the small plastic floss picks for a while and they do a decent job. Dental hygienists usually argue it’s not the same but I think it’s better than not flossing at all. Now my routine is a quick floss with the floss picks followed by this water flosser – and it’s fantastic.The unit is well made and has a few different modes. I stick to the standard mode which is a constant jet of water. It’s aggressive and can be intimidating at first so here are some tips I think will help:1. I use slightly warm water. Cold water blasted at your teeth is not fun. Warm water is a way better experience. The reservoir is easy to fill right from the sink.2. It will take a couple tries to figure exactly how to use it. If you just hit the power button it will jet water everywhere before you get it in your mouth. My suggestion is put it in your mouth, aim the head between your teeth, close your mouth and then hit the power button. Once it starts you just move it from tooth to tooth between your teeth. Once you get the hang of it it’s great. I do my top teeth, spit out, then do the bottom row and spit out. I follow it up with brushing and mouthwash. Literally the fresh from the dentist feeling.3. The reservoir is small so it runs out quickly but it’s so easy to refill I wouldn’t call it an issue. If it were larger it would be bulky and the other brands that have a big tank and hose are just too much to deal with. After a week of using I can quickly do all my teeth with one fill. I usually do a second round as well because im addicted.4. Be careful of turning it on when it’s not in your mouth. The jet is strong and could shoot you in the eye. Not joking.5. It may be awkward at first but once you get used to doing it you get better at it and it’s much easier. The power button is your friend. I turn it on and off to control the jetting to get more time out of the reservoir and to prevent spraying everywhere.6. It has a USB charger and it works well. It seems to go almost a week without charging and I use twice a day sometimes – because I’m addicted.Overall it’s great value for the low price. I’m Not sure how long it will last but I would definitely get another one if this one failed.

  10. Comes in a nifty little zipper pouch with a hard plastic case for the different tip attachments & an extra charging port plug *bonus points for that forethought!Two things right off the bat you will need to know about this device for first time use:1: it doesn’t matter how tough you think your gums are, start on the LOWEST setting until you know how it feels for you.2: until you get used to bulk & awkwardness in the design of this water flosser, welcome the idea of a damp bathroom. It’s going to get a little like a 5y.o. with a garden hose the first few times but luckily it’s just water & you’re not the wicked witch in danger of melting😆So far this seems to have been a wise investment. Will update if proven to be otherwise.

  11. I bought the cordless Portable oral irrigator from Amazon and start using it on Aug 2022, use once per day before I go to bed, in Sept after my third charged, the battery only last about 10 second and does not hold power long enough to last the complete cycle, I wrote to customer service and they send me a replacement unit within 5 business days, I using it ever since without any issue. My dentist is very happy with my checkups. This product is just as effective as more expensive waterpik.

  12. I am 55 years old and I guess you could call me ‘old school’ since I never used a water flosser and always used dental floss. ha, ha. Well, the last couple dental cleanings I had, the cleaning girl suggested a water flosser since I had a couple crowns and explained to me how a water flosser would better clean the ‘pockets’. I thought it over and decided to researched and review different water flossers. I had it narrowed down to this product and a name brand one. The reason I was drawn more to this flosser was the bigger water tank. It holds just a little under 12oz while the name brand held about half that. So, I ordered this one. When it arrived, I charged it up and read the instructions and watched the video to better educate myself. I have to say it took a few times to get the hang of using a water flosser since this is my first time ever using one at age 55. I even took the suggestion of some reviewers and practiced using it in the shower the first couple times. I have had this flosser for a month and half and it is still holding charge from the first time charging it. It has a long battery life and I love the larger water tank too. I feel my teeth (and crowns) are getting cleaner with a water flosser versus string floss. I am very happy with my purchase and glad I choose this one from the two I had it narrowed down too. A great product for half the money of the name brand one.

  13. This is my first water dental flosser ever and was hesitant, but the dentist said to give it a try. I’m happy to report that it was easy to get use to and use over all. It’s not near as messy as I feared and easy to use each night over the sink between flossing and brushing my teeth. The only thing I wish was different was to have the ability to fully drain the reservoir out. With lots of shaking you can get the majority out but not enough to dry out overnight. The battery charge last a few weeks for me so I am happy about that as well.

  14. It had just passed the return date when it stopped working and by “accident” I found the problem. It comes with an assortment of nozzles and I had the one with the smallest hole installed when it suddenly stopped working. What happened was a small piece of food had clogged the tiny hole. I temporarily switched to a nozzle with a larger hole and bingo it started working. Later I took a small pin and unclogged the hole in the nozzle with the smaller hole and it works too. Yeah!!!

  15. Okay let me tell y’all why I love this device & how it saved me money. I went to a western dental & they were so racist. All the Hispanic got seen first no matter what time they walked in & the black people waited for hours with appointments too still had to wait. Now it’s my turn I go in & I am in pain she did not care she looked in my mouth & told me oh it’s your wisdom tooth & something else. Okay so she gave me nothing for the pain & told me to come back in two weeks & the dentist will do a “procedure” & it’s “something he always does” that has to be paid out of pocket because no insurance will cover it & it will cost me $2400. Mind you no other dentist has to do this procedure so to me he just wants my insurance money & some out of pocket money as well (SCAMMER) NO THANK YOU. Now here’s why I love this water flossing device I ordered it & it came the same day & in pain I used it & the pain stop!! I had food stuck in my tooth & that was causing the pain. I used this plus some oral gel & no more pain. Why didn’t the dentist tell me that because nowadays it’s all about the money & scamming people out of it & that’s just sad & pathetic because they don’t care if you have kids or bills just as long as their pockets are filled. Terrible world we live in & I will be going to another dentist & keeping this product plus I’m going to buy one for my kids. Oh yes the clear nozzles make the water come out very hard so when using those put it on slow because I had it on normal & it came out too hard & that only happened with the clear ones. Okay thank you for reading my story & buy this before you go to the dentist just in case it’s just food stuck in your teeth.

  16. So far the best water flosser that I’ve owned. I’ve ordered a few other ones from Amazon in the past and it’s either the batteries wouldn’t hold up a charge or it would stop charging. I’ve been using this for almost a year and I haven’t had any issues with it. I highly recommend this one!The battery life is impressive and the water pressure is adjustable, which is great. It comes with a charger and it’s very easy to clean. I would recommend this to anyone, especially if you want save a ton of money on dental floss. After having orthodontic treatment, I can’t recommend a water flosser enough. It saves me so much time than using dental floss and it really gets everything out. It truly is lightyears more efficient than using dental floss. Buy it!

  17. Plug it in until charged, full with water. Put in mouth & then turn on. Very forceful water pressure. I would buy another one.

  18. This is my first ever waterpik and I love it! Works very well for the price. It is a bit messy but I figured I’d figure out a system. I’m the shower works. Just be aware of where the power button is. I’ve shot water up to my ceiling accidentally pressing the on button.

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