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Scroll down to see our list of 10 best smart locks compiled by our qualified experts. Listed below includes many famous brands on the market, such as SCHLAGE, samtechT, eufy, eufy security, August Home, ULTRALOQ, Yale Security, Level, Kwikset, Oasbike, Sifely, KeyWe.

10 Best smart locks 2022 short list

Top 10 Best smart locks for 2022 Price and Features Comparison

Wyze Lock Bolt, Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Auto-Lock, Smart Bluetooth Deadbolt Replacement, Backlit Keypad, IPX5 Weatherproof, in-App History and Scheduled Access, BHMA, UL 20-Min Fire Rated

$79.96  in stock
as of November 11, 2023 2:28 am

  • Fingerprint Unlock: Gone are the days of fumbling for keys. Wyze Lock Bolt recognizes your fingerprint and unlocks the door in under a second. Store up to 50 fingerprints in the Wyze app for frequent guests or additional finger options for yourself.Note: Measure your door's backset, cross...

ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock, 7-in-1 Keyless Entry Door Lock with Fingerprint ID, App and Keypad, Smart Door Lock, Smart Deadbolt, Smart Locks for Front Door, Smart Deadbolt, IP65 Waterproof

$149.00  in stock
as of November 11, 2023 2:28 am

  • 7-in-1 Keyless Entry Door Lock: Touch and Go 360° Fingerprint ID + Anti-peep Keypad + Smartphone + Auto Unlock + Shake to Open + Compatible with Apple Watch + Voice Control with Alexa or Google Assistant + Mechanical Key
  • Control Your Ultraloq Smart Lock via Bluetooth: Lock,...

How To Buy The Best smart locks In 2022

As there are so many different types of best smart locks available on the market, it can often be challenging for you to decide which is the best smart locks.
But wait, you don’t have to worry. Here are our tips.
There are some specific criteria that you can consider when buying the best smart locks. Paying attention to them will help you make a quicker and more reasonable decision.
1. Budget

As there are various models of best smart locks on the market, their price certainly varies significantly. Thus, it is necessary that you should take into account your budget. However, you don’t have to worry too much. As there’s a wide range of prices, it also means that it won’t be that hard to find the best best smart locks within your budget. Just a reminder: You should remember that an affordable best smart locks may not offer some valuable features that you want. Meanwhile, you may get a better deal with a versatile best smart locks when you can spend a bit more money.
2. Brands

When scrolling through the Internet for best smart locks, you may be overwhelmed with hundreds of brands, right? But wait, let me tell you something. We have researched and rounded up a list of the most reliable and trustworthy brands.
Here are our top picks: SCHLAGE, samtechT, eufy, eufy security, August Home, ULTRALOQ, Yale Security, Level, Kwikset, Oasbike, Sifely, KeyWe.
We tried and tested a significant number of products from many different brands available on the market. Also, we did check the global ratings and reviews on Amazon about each product before ultimately choosing these brands.
Check out our list and opt for the best best smart locks for your house.
3. Warranty

You bought a best smart locks and already used it for a while. Then there’s something wrong with your best smart locks. What can you do in this situation?
Make sure that you did check the warranty terms of your best smart locks before making a purchase.
Not all manufacturers offer warranty terms with their products. Moreover, it also depends on each company regarding the length and the extent of the coverage of warranties.
Will you feel secure when your best smart locks will be warranted for several years? If so, remember to pay attention to warranty terms before buying the best smart locks.

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  1. My review is from the perspective of replacing a Yale numerical touchscreen internet connected deadbolt with this Sifely lock. The Yale lock has been in place for 4 years and there were some features the Sifely lock had that I wanted.1] Not a deadbolt lock. This is a latch, not a deadbolt, so the part that goes into the doorframe is a spring loaded wedge, susceptible to attack by a credit card or similar object. The Sifely spring latch, even if locked, will spring into place when it hits its target strike. For a lock that locks automatically after a short period of time, this can be an advantage. The drawback of course is that it’s less secure but I found this to be ok for my use, an interior door from garage to house. The Yale lock could throw the deadbolt in a fraction of a second, and there were many times it would throw while the door was being shut, gouging the door frame and not doing the lock any good either.2] Flexible delay time to re-lock. This was a winner for me. The Yale lock has a fixed re-lock time of three minutes. For an interior garage door, I spent a lot of time unlocking the door each time I ran to the garage for a different tool. I’m able to set the Sifely lock to any time I want, and I chose 15 minutes. So I can still be sure that the lock will close shortly after we leave the house, and will be locked at night.3] Fingerprint reader. This was another winner for me. Many manufacturers offer this feature, but few succeed. This one looks like it really works well. All other models are called out in reviews for failing with this feature, but no one calls out the Sifely, and it works well for me. It’s also very fast. It’s also much easier than punching in a code.4] Installation. I had some problems on install. The black metal pegs that connect the front face to the back face were not aligned to the latch holes at the (small) 60mm setting, preventing install. I made a battlefield decision to bend them inward in a metal vice, perhaps 1 – 2 mm, and made it work. Not for the faint of heart when you are trying to decide keep/return. Also, one of the interior faceplate screws was a blank, lacking a phillips head imprint, and making it useless and resulting in a second failed install. Dad’s collection of thousands of 50 year old metal screws scavenged from many machines over a lifetime did not help me out here. Then I realized there were other screws for slimmer doors, included with the product. Although they were too long for the faceplate, I was able to hacksaw one down to the proper length.5] Size and shape. Since this was a latch, I tried to install this where the latch on my door was. Wrong, as it covered only half the deadbolt hole above it. I figured I could use a deadbolt cover to patch the useless hole, and then smh realized I could install the lock in the top, deadbolt hole, and just replace that strike. Next I will get a new thumb latch and keyed deadbolt and install it in the lower hole for vacation etc.6] Design. All locks like this use a cable that passes through the latch to the other side to connect the electronics. This cable and its connector seem robust. However, the cable passes trough the same hole as the mechanical shaft, and is impinged by the square shaft and impacted against the perimeter of the hole each time you turn the lever. This is not good. There is plenty of room for a dedicated cable hole that would not have this flaw which at some point will affect the life of the product.7] Key entry. If you need to use the physical key, you must remove the door handle using a micro hex key, provided. This would work in my garage, but I would not want to do it if I were outside in the dark, cold or rain without access to my hex wrench set and good lighting. Largely a useless feature. Do not consider this a keyed lock.8] The app is full featured, but in the style of many such apps, the use cases and features are left up to the user to suss out without any real guidance. For example (just one example), if you want to set a password, you must establish a new password that is generated by the app, a random (I hope) eight digit number. Then you must use the number to open the lock at least once. Then you can change it to a familiar number, like your kids birthday. This is not a terrible burden, except for the fact that it is not explained, and up to the user to figure out. To use the app, you must register and set up an account, so I presume all this information is in their cloud, somewhere undisclosed.9] Numbered keypad. To activate the keypad, you need to wake it up by touching it as if you were pressing an invisible, dark number. It’s a bit balky and feels clumsy. After putting in the code, you need to press #. All in all it works, but is more problematic than my older Yale lock, and would take a first use training demo for a housekeeper or guest user. In the end, the fast fingerprint reader won the day for my use case.10] Conclusion. This is a nice lock and app to control it. It has useful features not found in other products. It is not a high security lock and I would not use it as a primary lock on a house. I have not yet purchased the gateway that would allow me to lock/unlock from a remote location, but there are many features that work via bluetooth if you stand within 6ft of the lock.11] One more thing… the seller promises a $20 rebate if you write a 5 star review. I have not seen this stated elsewhere and I’m not sure this is an approved process. So, writing an objective review has cost me $20. Under the circumstances, you should be aware of this as you read other reviews.

  2. The best purchase I made for my new home. I no longer have to deal with teenagers always forgetting or losing my keys. The Ultraloq does what it claims with the exception of the bluetooth unlocking feature as my phone nears the door. More on that below. All of the other features are great: fingerprints, codes/profiles, unlock from anywhere via the wi-fi bridge, auto-lock feature, etc. It does it well.Pros:1) Fingerprint: I find that I use the fingerprint unlock the most. Never a misstep. It takes your fingerprint from every angle so you can be assured that your fingerprint works correctly each time. I’ve set up myself and my son for this and no issues with unlocking.2) Auto-lock: As I get busy and older, I lose most of my marbles or I find I’m developing OCD tendencies to check if I locked the door every few mins because I just KNOW I forgot something I did 20 secs ago. I don’t think about it anymore. The door locks with a 30-sec delay and that’s that. To note: My neighborhood has recently had thieves put rubber bands on the pull handle that would prevent a door lock from engaging. The locking mechanism for the bolt and the door handle are separate so I don’t have that worry. And no longer worried about my forgetful absent-minded teenager or myself. Completely worth the price for that alone.3) Codes/random input: I don’t use this often because i’m lazy but I have used it and works well. I set up normal users for the home, a code/key for family that I trust, a code/key for temporary use (i.e. electrician that needs to drop in while I’m away, etc.). what every the reason, I can set up multiple codes/keys, assign them appropriate access and length of time to use it. I recently put this into action when I had my internet installed and provided my technician a code to use so I didn’t have stand near the door as they went in and out. I have used the random input (hitting numbers with the correct code buried in). Works as intended. I can see this working well for those in an apartment or townhouse setting with many people coming by, but on the front porch of my home with nary a visitor much less passerby on the street that is yards away, It’s not a concern for me. I’m just happy the option is there should I decide to move and take this with me to an environment like that again.4) Wi-fi Unlock: Another feature I was very excited about. My car has this feature and I can start my car that’s parked at the airport while I’m away in Turkey. Works the same. The kit comes with the wi-fi bridge. Once connected and set up on the wi-fi, the feature works. I’ve tried this while I was in another state and my aunt dropped by so I can test it. One caveat is that it does not work on the 5 ghz spectrum of your wi-fi; just 2.4.5) Battery: I have cons about this, more below. However, this was a saving grace as well. During a power outage on my block, the only thing working was this door lock and the security panel that has a battery built in for emergencies. Because it’s not hardwired, I was able to get in and out. And now that I leave my key behind ( I need to change that), we would have been locked out otherwise. Again, worth the price. It also comes with the option to charge the lock via a USB connection but I don’t regular carry a powerpack around to provide it juice should this happen. just make a regular maintenance to change the battery (my recommendation is every 3 months/quarterly) and this shouldn’t be a worry.6) Installation: It was easy peasy. The instructions were more than adequate, including the illustrations provided. I’ve never installed a door lock before and I had ZERO issues with doing this. I did take a look at a you-tube video prior but it was unnecessary as the instructions were detailed. I did change out the cylinder to a more secured key and that process was super easy too. I don’t ever have to worry about hiring a locksmith unless I’m truly locked out (which I will rectify soon).7) Physical key: This was a deciding factor in my purchase. I still wanted to use my key on the off chance of a power outage, battery failure, etc. Being locked out of your home is no fun. I did change out the cylinder to a more secured key and that process was super easy too. I don’t ever have to worry about hiring a locksmith unless I’m truly locked out, which I will rectify soon by putting the key in a location outside my home.Cons:1) The bluetooth unlocking feature as my phone nears the door does not work as claimed. I can’t say if this feature simply doesn’t work or if it’s just my signal as I live in a virtual dead-zone in my neighborhood (i.e. I have to be on wi-fi calling while in my home), but it’s a no-go for me. I don’t complain much about this because all the other features work so well but I wish this did as I hate having to push a code or use my fingerprint when I’m carrying a dozen grocery bags. And I’d rather carry 25 grocery bags than make multiple trips the car. It’s one of the features I was most excited about (says every mom ever).2) The push notification telling me that U-tec bolt is jammed when it’s not. I don’t know the cause of this. Some times, it correctly identifies a jam (i.e., I didn’t close my door completely flush or I left it ajar when the auto-lock function activates). Most times, it doesn’t. It hasn’t impeded the security system from activating so I just simply take a look if I’m home and dismiss the notification. I know when i’m leaving, if I’m in a hurry, i just push the ultraloq button on the bottom of the pad to lock it and I hear the lock engage. Most times, I just close the door firmly when leaving and I’m confident in knowing the door is flush for the lock to engage on the auto-lock timer.3) It will drain batteries far quicker than advertised. I installed my Ultraloq 11/29/2019 and it need new batteries by 3/1/2020. Far less than the 6 months advertised. And I didn’t use the batteries provided. I used a fresh pack of Energizer Max.4) Pairing the wi-fi brige was a beast. It only works on the 2.4 spectrum of the network so I had a lot of issues with the set up as my phone only registers/prefers the 5 ghz spectrum. It took much longer than it needed for the app to recognize the bridge. I had to close and open it multiple times in order to get it work. Once done, it was fine. However, I recently changed providers and it wasn’t easy to change the network in the app. Very difficult. I had to nearly delete the app or reset. However, just going in, removing the bridge function and re-initiating it allowed me to set up on a new network. Not coolI cannot comment on integration with Alexa or Google. It’s my plan in the near future to integrate with both in order to have a hybrid system. It doesn’t integrate with my security system (ADT) but I knew that prior to purchase so it’s not a con for me. Once I do integrate, I’ll update my review. Because I”m able to use the U-tec app to lock the door, it’s a workaround of the integration for now.In all, it is an outstanding device and just what I needed. Despite the cons I listed, I don’t really have much to complain about as the pros outweigh this for me. I feel secure in and out of my home with it so it’s one less worry that I have, especially as person that travels so much. I chose this device over others because of the features this one has that would provide me multiple ways to access my home. Namely the battery and physical key. Knowing that power outages happen, I didn’t want to be left out in the cold one day that I’m least expecting it. Also, coming from years of apartment living, my son loses keys and fobs ALL THE TIME. The money I’ve spent replacing these are staggering. I didn’t want to deal with this again.I love this product. It didn’t receive 5 starts because of the cons I mentioned. It’s not a perfect product or it’s not perfectly working for me. However, it works exceptionally well and would be a great product to use anyone’s home for peace of mind. Please note: My review is not endorsed, sponsored, paid for, or anything else that would signify a monetary exchange. I don’t often leave reviews (something I should change since I rely on them) but I was compelled to do so especially after recent events at my own home that tested this purchase.

  3. Purchased in Nov 2020/Updating review in Aug 2021:I stayed with this lock and did not return because 1) I very quickly became addicted to the ease of fingerprint unlocking, and 2) Eufy customer service.They reached out to me almost immediately after I left my negative review. Note to anyone reading this – email is the absolute way to go in receiving customer support. We worked for several days on getting the lock to my satisfaction. They emailed me an update because we couldn’t get it to successfully push through via the app (an update that was shortly after pushed out to all) that addressed all of the issues I had been experiencing. They offered to send me additional products in their lineup for my troubles, but I declined.Today’s use/experience:This door lock is heavily used. It is on a door that is in a slightly covered porch. I say slightly because the ceiling is high and so the lock does get wet when we have a good afternoon storm. I’ve never had an issue using a fingerprint to get in day, night, rain or sunshine. Also never an issue using a pin code. I never went back to scheduling overnight locking as I am in love with the 24/7 autolock feature. No longer am I going down the street wondering if I locked the door at any hour of the day. Doesn’t matter, because it will lock itself! I have it on a 1 minute schedule and it has never failed to autolock. I put fresh batteries into the lock after we pushed through the update in Nov 2020 and I have not needed to change them since. I do see via the app that they are slowly beginning to drain (indicating the reading is accurate and not falsely showing full battery power) and will wait for the warning beeps or app notification to change them. I have another way into my house, so I don’t worry about being locked out. I also carry the manual key just in case. This lock does sometimes get stiff when manually turning it to lock or unlock the door. It’s a rare occasion and doesn’t irk me enough to reach out to customer support. I have not experienced it being stiff when locking or unlocking itself via fingerprint or pin code. I have probably six users saved in the lock along with their pin codes and easily a dozen fingerprints saved as well – sometimes your right thumb or finger is free and sometimes it’s your left. An added bonus that doesn’t really apply to my situation, but no one can get your pin code over your shoulder if you’re not entering it. The app no longer feels clunky or hard to use. You can manage users within the app and if say you hire a cleaner or pet sitter, you can add their name and pin while you’re sitting on the couch (need to be on the same Wi-Fi) before they even step foot on your property. Everyone doesn’t have to have a fingerprint saved! And should you fire them, you can also delete their info in the same manner. Through the app you can see when they unlock and lock the door as well, essentially serving as a clock in/clock out feature.Many months ago they pushed through an update that enabled connection to a Wi-Fi bridge. I have not as of yet taken advantage of that, so cannot speak to that feature.In summary, I love, love, love this lock. If it ever dies on me, I will replace it with the same or newer version of this exact lock. I used keypad locks for years prior to this one and am a little appalled at how quickly we’ve become too lazy to press buttons to get in.Original review:This lock is easy to install and use. The app is clunky and not so easy to use. I just checked the lock events and the time was off by 24 hours. Is a big deal when we use scheduled auto lock for overnight hours as my husband works on call overnight and his biggest fear is forgetting to lock the door at the random wee hours of the morning he is called to go. This feature therefore wouldn’t work if the app thinks it’s daytime and no need to auto lock when in fact it is nighttime and very much needs to be auto locked. As a work around I am setting it for 24/7 auto lock but that’s a disappointment to have a feature sold but not work. Also due to the 24/7 auto lock, this thing eats batteries like potato chips. I’m lucky to get a week out of a fresh 4 pack. It is the second week of Nov and I don’t show a firmware update needed. Getting a human is impossible. I tried chat and interestingly the two different days and times I tried it, there were exactly 2 people in the queue in front of me and no matter how long I waited that number never changed. I’m undecided if I’ll keep this lock. The fingerprint is awesome, but the battery expense makes this a bigger investment than planned, the features not actually working as advertised is a big disappointment, and the lack of customer support matters greatly.

  4. So let me start this off by saying I have gone through 5 other smart lock door locks starting back from the August 2nd gen, Schlage Homekit lock, all the way to the regular keypad lock and the Wyze door lock tops them all!Installation was a breeze! If you have installed a deadbolt before you can install this, if not wyze has a video that breaks everything down and everything you need is inside the box besides the screwdriver. Now if you are like me that came from a already smart lock like the Schlage Homekit lock then you will need to buy a new deadbolt lock kit as the wyze lock needs a regular deadbolt lock to work. (You can find a good deadbolt lock for less than $20)Once the wyze lock is installed you plug in the little wifi dongle into an outlet. Make sure this dongle is plugged in close to the lock buy also has good wifi connection as this dongle is what’s going to control the lock via a remote connection and tell it when to auto unlock when you get home. I would say most problems people have with this lock is either due to poor wifi where the dongle is located or the dongle is located to far away from the lock itself. (keep it within 10 ft of the lock if you can)Now once you get all that installed now you can set the lock up, the wyze app has you scan a QR code inside the lock and after that the app takes over, it asks you to open and close the door a few times to calibrate the lock. One thing to note since the instructions sucked, when it asks you to open the door make sure you open it ALL the way, I was not doing this and the calibration kept failing. It took me an hour to realize I had to open the door all the way then hit the button in the app and then close the door before the door could calibrate.Now once you get the door lock calibrate your done. Now everytime you close the door it will auto lock itself which is AMAZING! Just make sure you have your phone on you because you can lock yourself out. It does have a garbage mode on it which allows you to shut the door without the door auto locking and locking you out. With this I will HIGHLY recommend the wireless keypad which does cost an extra $20 but it is so worth it and will save your bacon if you accidentally lock yourself out and you don’t have your phone, trust me I know =)So with all that said how do I like the lock? I love it! The app works great on my Android and iPhones. Auto unlock is a dream! It uses your phones GPS to know when you get home and basically wakes the lock up for it to be ready to unlock, as soon as you get to the door it will auto unlock for you. Now you must be in close range for the door to unlock, if you just drive by your house etc the door will NOT unlock.Side note: if you are having issues with the auto unlock feature and on Android make sure your phone is NOT putting the app to sleep, this can be done the the phones battery management settings and as soon as you fix that auto unlock should work!You can issue temp keys to people so if you want to give a contractor a 1 time key then once he uses it the door will not unlock for him again, or if you want to give a dog walker a pass to get in only certain times a week you can also do that as well. You can also remotely access the lock and lock and unlock the door with your phone anywhere in the world which is what I do if I need to let someone in.Do you need the keypad? I HIGHLY recommend it! If you forget your phone and close the door yea you just locked yourself out trust me I know lol. The keypad is great! If for any reason you dont have your phone or your phones dead you will need the keypad to get into the house. The keypad instantly connects to the lock and as soon as you type in your code it auto locks, you do NOT have to wait for the keypad to pair to the lock like August does. You can also lock your door from the keypad as well if for some reason the auto lock did not work. Now the coolest thing with this keypad is you can punch in random numbers into the keypad as long as your code is in that sequence the door will unlock! I LOVE this feature! So if someone is with you and you dont want them knowing your code you can type in a bunch of numbers and then the code and hit unlock and magically it unlocks. Ex: lets say your code is “1234” in the keypad I will type 593853″1234″5563 then hit unlock since I typed my code inside the sequence the door unlocks for me and the person with me will never know what my real code is!Overall I love this lock, it has worked every single time for me so far, granted I have only had it for 2 months but every other smart lock I have owned has given me at least 1 hiccup and the Wyze has yet to fail me. I will highly recommend the Wyze lock as its easy to install, secure and it just works.

  5. There are lots of companies that produce good products, but the way a company handles customer recovery when they miss the mark is where they really prove greatness. Well, let me tell you, Wyze has missed the mark by miles on both counts. Here is my Wyze story, supported with photographs of the product as well as screenshots of the conversation with Wyze support:I ordered a Wyze Lock Bolt with fingerprint entry to replace a Eufy keyless deadbolt. Keep in mind, the Eufy lock worked fine, but I wanted to try something new and the fingerprint entry seemed convenient.The package arrived on July 12 and I installed it that afternoon. Simple installation, almost identical to the prior lock. Took about 10 or 15 minutes. I put the codes and my family’s fingerprints in, and went about our day. Went out to run some errands, came in and out a few times, everything seemed fine. Same thing the next day.On July 14, I came home from work and put my finger on the lock. It beeped, it “whirred” like it does when opening, but the door didn’t open. Tried it again, nothing. Punched in the code…”Beep! Whrrrr!” But the door did not open. I called my spouse and she could not get the door open from inside either, so she opened the gate and I went in through the back.Inside, I tuned the latch dial…no resistance. It turned all the way but it did not move anything inside and the door remained locked.Now I disassemble the lock. I take the battery box and plate cover off and from the inside of the door and something falls to the ground. I remove the wire harness to get a clear look.The cam, or extender arm (which is the piece that connects the spindle on the back of the handle or keypad to the actual deadbolt latch, and extends it into and retracts it out of the door) had fallen out. Just fallen right out! Worse, this happened with the deadbolt latch fully extended, so now the door is locked shut with no way to retract the latch. Now I’m worried. Can I pull it back? Can I do so without causing further damage to the clearly poorly constructed lock and ensuring my door cannot open again at all?First, I try to figure out if I can reinsert the extender arm and reassemble it into the latch assembly. No dice. It’s physically broken, nowhere to snap it back in, it’s actually physically damaged.Now it’s above my pay grade, so I call Wyze. I sit on hold for about 40 minutes and realize the call is not going to be answered. Now I call a locksmith. The locksmith informs me that they can try to remove it internally, but there is a 50% chance that it will cause more damage and at that point they will have to…wait for it…PHYSICALLY CUT THE LATCH OUT OF THE DOOR, and if so, I’d have to replace my entire door. A second locksmith confirms the same. That’s not a road I want to go down, and certainly not an expense I’m going to take on because a company sold me a faulty lock. Time to try calling Wyze again.No answer. So I use the Wyze app and have a text conversation with customer support. I explain the following points:- [ ] The lock is new- [ ] It has been installed for less than 48 hours- [ ] The internal mechanism which extends and retracts the deadbolt was shipped broken and fell out of the latch assembly- [ ] The latch is fully extended, meaning the door cannot be opened without calling in a pro and potentially causing damage to the door itself- [ ] The remaining parts cannot be removed as they are stuck mounted on the door because the door cannot be opened- [ ] Please helpAfter relaying this information I was told to return the lock and all parts and they will refund or replace. I explain again, first, I cannot send the lock back as it is broken IN the door while it is locked and cannot be removed, and second, that a new lock serves no purpose as I cannot install it into a door that is permanently locked as a result of the faulty product I was sold. This is not a solution.Now I’m very frustrated, but this is someone in a call center that may or may not have ever even met someone at Wyze, but the solution offered resolves none of the issues.This conversation repeats twice and I am told it will be “escalated to tier 2.” When? They will email you. At this point it’s late at night, let’s try again in the morning.I wake on the 15th to an email from “Edison” who is “with tier 2 and handling my claim.” He tells me there is nothing they can do, but if I ship the product back to them they will send me a replacement.Again- this does not solve the issue. I CANNOT ship the product back because I CANNOT remove it from my door because it FELL APART WHILE LOCKED.He again suggests I send it back to get a free replacement.I AGAIN explain – the latch extender broke and fell out of the assembly after two days use. The deadbolt is stuck extended into the door frame and cannot be removed because the door is now permanently locked. Because of this I cannot remove it to ship back, remove it to install a new one, or OPEN MY DOOR.Now I call in. They ask me to send photos. I oblige. They apologize for the inconvenience and tell me if I just send the lock back they will be happy to replace it.This conversation repeats 3 times.You know, even great companies screw up from time to time so they teach client recovery. A standard in hospitality and retail is “LAST”:- [ ] LISTEN to the customer complaint- [ ] APOLOGIZE for the frustration- [ ] SOLVE the customer’s issue- [ ] THANK the customer for the opportunity to make it rightIt seems Wyze uses the following steps:- [ ] LISTEN to the customer complaint- [ ] IGNORE all relevant information- [ ] PROPOSE a solution that does not resolve any of the actual issues- [ ] REPEAT these steps until the customer is so frustrated they stop giving you an opportunity to fix the problem – a problem that frankly doesn’t end at a faulty product, but is now costing the customer a lot more money and potentially causing physical damage to their houseNow Wyze is emailing again. They respond to the photographs and AGAIN suggest that I send the lock back and get a free replacement. Now I respond furiously, and reiterate:- [ ] I’ve owned the product for 2 days- [ ] It broke IN the locked position- [ ] The door is unable to be opened- [ ] The lock is unable to be removed- [ ] I cannot send it back because it cannot be removed- [ ] If you send a replacement I cannot use it because the door can not be opened to install it- [ ] I need to call a locksmith and I should not have to pay for this- [ ] You are not helping- [ ] Who can I talk to that can actually resolve my problemAt this point, they stop responding completely. Now 6 hours go by and I have no other options so I call a locksmith.$240 later, the assembly was removed. I sent the piece of garbage back to Amazon and am awaiting the refund but I don’t expect to hear back from them.I work in hospitality. I have a real tendency not not believe negative reviews because I’m aware people make things up to get free things. I don’t write bad reviews for that reason. This, however, is unequivocally the worst customer service experience I’ve ever encountered. I could deal with a faulty product. That happens. I cannot deal with a lack of responsibility, and an outright refusal to address the issue. I will never buy a product from Wyze again. Even if products outside of the locks are fantastic, I can’t give my money to a brand that clearly doesn’t care about doing the right thing by the consumer when something goes wrong.

  6. Originally purchased these for my home due to the easy rekeying feature which works very well and is extraordinarily easy to do. Being able to easily rekey all locks within seconds to use the same key without buying a more expensive set with more locks or paying a locksmith to do it is very nice. My only complaint about the original version is that the handle and deadbolt knobs have a bit of a sag to them which appears to be a common complaint. Otherwise, functionally, they’re rock solid.For the updated model which this review is for, to an untrained professional such as myself, the inner components appear to be slightly better built, but that could be imagination just looking out for me by trying to convince me that my money was well spent. As for the sag issue I previously mentioned, well, it’s no longer an issue with these. The door handle has no play in it and sits perfectly horizontal. The deadbolt knobs also have no play in them, either, and they sit perfectly horizontal when unlocked and vertical when locked. Granted, I didn’t get out the level to verify my claims of perfection, but to my hands and naked 15/15 eyes, they look and feel great. And of course the rekey feature also still works just as well as it did on the prior model. Will definitely continue buying this line of entry lock.

  7. PROSThere’s a lot to like about this lock. I spent many hours searching for a good lock for my vacation rental until I came across this brand. I love the price, durability, and overall design, not to mention the option of lifetime remote wifi access with a one-time purchase of the wifi gateway (no ongoing subscription fees like many other brands). I was prepared to leave a 5-star review until I discovered one significant issue.CONSMy primary issue is the mandatory security feature which places the lock in lockout mode for 5 minutes, during which time all codes or fingerprints are disabled. The only way to override it is with a physical key (which you may or may not have easy access to) or by logging into the app on your phone and unlocking it remotely. This is a great feature to offer as an option, but it really needs to be optional for homeowners to enable or disable at their own discretion.In my case, I operate an Airbnb rental property that’s regularly rented by groups with young children, and they often hang out on our large front porch. All it takes is one child to discover the fingerprint sensor on the door handle and push it 5 times for the whole group to be locked out of the home for 5 minutes. This is obnoxious for our guests and doesn’t reflect well on us as hosts. At a bare minimum, there ought to be an option for us to disable the fingerprint sensor on the handle, but that doesn’t appear to be an option either.I will also point out that this mandatory security feature presents a significant liability issue for Sifely and for landlords who use their locks. It’s not at all difficult to imagine a scenario in which an intruder enters an incorrect code 5 times, the occupant of the home hears a noise and steps outside to investigate, locks himself out of his own home, and is then assaulted and robbed by the intruder because he can’t get back inside fast enough.All it would take for Sifely to get my review changed to 5-stars is for them to roll out a software update, making the security function optional.One other con is that there’s no way to manually lock the door from the inside. To manually lock the door you have to open the door and long-press the # key on the outside. Not a big deal and wouldn’t affect my star rating by itself, but is a feature that would certainly be a welcome addition on future models.One additional note, compared to the smaller Model X, the touchpad on the Model S is not nearly as responsive. Once it’s awakened it senses input fine, but you sometimes have to swipe or poke it 3 or 4 times before it wakes up. For comparison, the Model X (not this one) will come to life immediately with one small swipe of your finger.

  8. The lock is simple and easy to install. Had my cylinder rekeyed to match other locks in house at local ACE hardware for $ 5.00.The programming threw me initially as instructions indicate door must be open, as ajar, not simply unlocked. There appears to be a sensor that determines if door is open or closed.Auto lock is disabled by default, it can be enabled to auto lock and time can be set to auto lock up to 99 seconds. One deficiency of auto lock is that it will auto lock even if door is open. So if you are unloading groceries or chatting with a neighbor the deadbolt will extend automatically even if the door is open. The result is you can potentially try to close a door with the deadbolt extended. This can cause a lot of damage to the door jam. Since the lock detects if the door is open or closed a useful enhancements would be for auto lock to not enable on an open door. This would alleviate the problem of damaging the jam by errantly slamming a door with the deadbolt extended. Up to you to enable or disable auto lock but be aware of potential damage to door jam.

  9. Update: The Lock works great. The app and company aren’t as great, but are better than I thought. It’s worth it now. Updated from 2 to 5 stars.- Lock: You can set up your own codes, lock or unlock the door with your phone, and get notifications when someone uses a code to open the door. Remote unlock works, but by default it’s disabled in the app settings. You have to enable it while connected with a Bluetooth connection to the lock. Once enabled though, you can unlock the door from anywhere in the world if you have a Wi-Fi or data connection where you’re at. Big win.- Company: I reached out to the company to try to resolve issues via the email address they provide in the app. It doesn’t work. It bounced back three times. However, I left a poor review in Amazon the first time and after a few weeks they contacted me! They wanted to work it out or refund my money, and didn’t even mention returning the lock, which I was very pleased with. I didn’t want a refund, I just wanted the lock to work, and with their help through a few emails I was able to resolve all issues. This is a big deal to me.- App: The app throws error messages or gives user hints that don’t really make sense. Sometimes they don’t even fit in the space provided and are cut off. It seems they were written in Chinese and translated to English. Based on the response from the company, though, my hope is they will iron this out in some update at some point soon. The app also didn’t seem to let me share access to the lock and remote control functions with my wife’s phone, but we were finally able to fix that with an admin account by using the same email address and phone number combination on the invitation as on her account with TTLock.

  10. I’ve owned a lot of locks. This is my favorite one. At one point I had Kevo wi-fi locks on my house, and they were more of a hassle than a help. I have since trashed them and replaced with these. What a relief. Wifi locks drain the batteries MUCH faster. The battery on these babies last over a year. Also with the Kevos, to open the lock, you had to pull out your phone… open the kevo app… then touch the bezel of the lock… then wait about 10 seconds for it to decide that your phone was an acceptable e-key… then it opened. That is, if your connection was good — you still had to carry your regular key, or you could get inexplicably locked out. It’s such a relief that I’m back to these and I don’t have to worry about that BS. I decided wifi locks are at best a hassle, and at worst, a security concern. In contrast, these simply work, each and every time. Like an appliance — as it should be. If you absolutely MUST have the ability to change the access codes remotely from another state or something, by all means get a wifi lock… but that’s the only reason I can think of. After doing a factory reset on these puppies, you definitely want to change your master code from the default 0000, or anyone will be able to use it to add their own user code and then enter your house. Delete the 1234 default user code as well. Once you take the time to figure out and memorize how the master code is used to adjust the settings, this lock becomes SUPER powerful. The auto-lock feature is simple and effective, and because you have the keypad, you aren’t going to lock yourself out with it. There are no wifi interfaces to hack, no fingerprint recognizer to trick, and it never does anything “strange”, like unlocking and locking in the middle of the night, like various wifi locks I’ve used. Wifi is fine for garage doors. But when it comes to my door locks, these are the way to go.

  11. Man o man for people like me that want good quality simple installation easy to read directions cause I’m not good with that lol . First of all think about safety for the family if its day or night and they need to get in the house immediately without looking for keys this is a winner i’m not gonna go into much detail but let me say this my five year old grandson is programmed with his fingerprint so when other family members drop him of and I don’t want everyone to have access to my house that’s a plus . Of course I have like so many different features to program Codes to enter not to mention you can give a one time cold out that works perfect once you use it once it disappears for good all around what can I say it’s a good quality product I am really enjoying this for my family easy installation . I read up on it before I purchased it I know about the battery life but in my world everything can’t be perfect . You’re going in and out the door like the batteries gonna wear down that’s just my opinion that’s all I got . Oh I forgot for the viewer’s that’s reading this and like to pick everything apart when I mean my five year old grandson gets dropped off say he comes at 5:30 am in the morning and we’re still sleeping and he needs to get in the house and still get rest for a few hours. Watch out now.

  12. The 909 model is what I needed, in lieu of a ‘smart’ lock. The satin finish matches my doorknob hardware perfectly. Best part–it comes set up with a 30 second delay and locks the door automatic–great for teens in a hurry that forget to lock on leaving. One caveat. You will need to review the .pdf file at, just go to the support page and read the .pdf file on setup for the first time. After much gnashing of teeth with the instructions that came with the lock, an extra first step is entailed. Perhaps a better technical writer needed. Kudos to Kwikset website support page. Install was a breeze as I have a standard door. Best bang for the buck.

  13. Installed easily using existing hole and strike plate. Had for about a month with auto lock set at 30 seconds. Absent mindedly turned the lock manually at the same time the auto lock was turning the lock and it jammed in the locked position. I had to take apart to open the door! Two messages to Amazon customer service and the Teeho customer service called me back. After the frustration of sending them videos of what was happening and the men telling me something I already knew and which did not solve the problem, a female tech called me back. She understood what I was saying, walked me through the solution (I was not turning it hard enough fearful of breakage) and stayed on the line with me to make sure it was then functioning! Kudos to her patience and understanding and listening skills! It has worked great since. I chose NOT to turn on the auto lock feature again. Might be of value if you have kids who forget to lock the door.

  14. I love the product easy to install very modern and sleek design. Easy to change your keys out to existing keys

  15. We bought 2 on amazon a year ago, and it’s been going great! No more key to carry. Kids can open doors by themselves easily. I can give different codes to my housekeeper, extended family, etc. You can also lock door using app if you’re in a hurry or forgot. LOVE IT. Then, the customer service is SO excellent. You call them, and a person talks to you quickly every time I’ve called. My friends say the same thing about their customer service. They know the products and are so helpful, too. They must go through a lot of training because they know answers to all the questions. Highly recommend this product and company!

  16. I chose this digital lock because it claims a long battery life (no Wi-Fi), multiple codes, and is ‘commercial’ standard i.e. durable. Seem physically robust.It was easy, but not trivial, to fit. Easy to enter and remove codes that open the lock.The only drawback so far, for my purposes, is that although it allows 30 codes, and allows one-time codes. you can only enter a single one-time code at a time. Adding a second overwrites the first, so you can’t set up a bunch of them and hand them out as needed to the cleaning crew or plumber etc. as needed.You have to physically go to the lock to enter a new one when the single one-time code get used up. An odd design choice IMHO. I would rather have multiple one-time codes and fewer permanent codes.

  17. This is a great smart lock. I can’t believe I waited so long to get one. It’s a game changer. Never worried avoid forgetting to lock the door anymore. No fumbling for keys. Dog/house sitter has her own code. Both thumbprint and codes work perfect key even for our 4 year old. We also bought the Wi-Fi attachment so we could lock and unlock remotely away from home. If makes it that much more convenient. The only slight issue we leave our front door open often so the auto lock turns on even with door open. This has lead to the deadbolt slamming into the door frame a few times as we forget it’s in the the lock position when we close it

  18. So the lock itself is great! It’s a sleek look, works great with the app but found out that upon actual installation, the previous deadbolt place on my door jam wasn’t deep enough and that’s why I got the “jam” notification. We dug it out some more so it could basically go deeper into the door jam and haven’t had a problem with it luckily. Batteries are holding well as I use it multiple times a day and it’s over 80% after 3 weeks

  19. I ordered the lock in April and 7 months later, I can only unlock the door and not lock it, at some point I had to remove the batteries because it was intermittently beeping as if someone was pushing the numbers on the keypad. It was very annoying and scary. It’s a good thing the lock was less than a year old and the seller was able to send me a new one once I sent a video to show them what was going on. Overall it’s a good lock when it works properly!

  20. The lock itself is great, and for the price, it does what it’s meant to do.The one gripe I have with this is that the buttons are a bit mushy, and you need to push them far to get them to acknowledge.But as I said, the lock itself is great & works as advertised, and for the price, my one gripe is sort of unjustified.

  21. Easy to install and program/delete codes. Don’t have to keep getting key copies because them darn kids keep playing in my yard and they have a park just a couple miles away. In my day the park was 15 miles away up hill both ways.

  22. This is one of the few fingerprint locks with NO keyslot, and that’s a GOOD thing!A few years ago I hired a locksmith to get me back into the house I had just just purchased the day before. (The previous owner left all the keys but I hadn’t yet added them to my keyring or “hidden” a key.) That’s when I learned what a bump key is, and it’s a chilling bit of information. Check online videos for “bump key” and you’ll be shocked. In short, it’s ridiculously easy to break into almost any commonly-available keyed lock in less than a second. That’s what the locksmith did, and he didn’t even need a special tool.My house came with a Kwikset Powerbolt 907, which has an electronic keypad for a combination, and it has a keyslot as an alternative. I liked the combination feature, (although it kinda took an extra 2 seconds) but it always bothered me that a thief could get in so easily like the locksmith did. The combination didn’t matter, and neither did the cut of the key.With this, I know that not even a locksmith could open it without being destructive. And I don’t need a full “smart lock” — Why would I, when I always have my right thumb with me?The things you think you need from WiFi are unnecessary. If necessary I can always give someone a temporary combination on-the-spot using the app. This is possible without WiFi because the combinations are based on the current date and time, so it requires no connection. Also, it automatically locks a set amount of time after being unlocked… I chose 5 minutes but it could also be 15, 30, or 60 seconds. (I wanted time to unload groceries.)Installation was easy.The fingerprint sensor is quick, and the deadbolt moves quickly. You touch the sensor, hear the beep, and by the time your hand has moved to the doorknob and turned it, the deadbolt is already retracted. Nice.Small issue which you can work around: If you use it exactly as-directed, your fingerprint may occasionally fail to be recognized. It only allows 8 “samples” to be taken of a given finger. To make it recognize my fingerprint more consistently, I program it with my thumb extended to the left with 8 samples, then I tell it I’m going to program another finger, but instead I use my thumb again, at more angles. Essentially this way it’s comparing 16 samples of a given finger. You can actually take it further because you can program a whole family’s many fingers. You’re only going to use your thumb or maybe your index finger, so I found it works better this way. (And I don’t get false-positives from un-sampled fingers.)

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