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Motorola edge 30 neo

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Last updated on April 11, 2023 5:29 pm
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Specification: Motorola edge 30 neo

Product Dimensions

2.81 x 2.81 x 6.34 inches

Display technology




Included Components

Charger, SIM Ejector

Phone Standy Time (with data) (days)


Battery Power Rating

5400 Milliampere Hour (mAh)


Thunder Gray

Form Factor


Other camera features


Other display features


Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, USB Type-C Charging, NFC, GPS, Wi-FI

Item Weight (ounces)


Wireless communication technologies





Android 10.0

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Best Sellers Rank

#1,087 in Amazon Renewed (See Top 100 in Amazon Renewed)


1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Item model number




Date First Available

August 19, 2021

9 reviews for Motorola edge 30 neo

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Kevin

    This review comes from the perspective of a person who has never owned a Samsung or Apple device. If you’re reading this and it’s not on sale, and you don’t mind the big guys… Keep it moving. This phone isn’t worth the asking price on build quality alone. But if you see this anywhere under 8 hundos, and you’re ready to buy the optional 68 watt charger (moto made, and verified compatible) then read on my friend, and let tell you about this hidden gem.Build quality: Looks good, but can feel a bit cheap with the plastic frame. Buy a case and forget about it ( I got a Poetic case). The volume buttons are above the power button, you get used to it but still not the best configuration. The phone does heat up while gaming, charging the battery, and taking pictures. HOWEVER, after having done a throttle test, I can tell you that the heat management is very good, and the performance loss never dipped under 80% over half an hour, nor did temperatures pass 50c.Hardware:Screen is accurate but not bright, with slightly cooler tones out of the box. There are limited adjustment options available in settings. Direct sunlight visibility is just OK, definitely functional. The auto frame rate adjust is great and saves battery… But that 144 frame rate is buttery smooth.Signal : I’m on At&t, and initially assumed that I would be stuck on 4g. First I installed the sim, then At&t sent an update a day later and after resetting the phone 5G was available!!! No dropped or missed calls at all.Speakers are loud but a bit tinny until adjusted. Dolby equaliser should be set to film (surround sound) and pick the treble boost Sub option. Bass boost sub options are available as well. If you leave Dolby on automatic, they focus more on voices than music, so it’s great for non music target.Battery life is pretty good on a heavy day, excellent for everyday use. Easily getting over 6 – 7 SoT, even with heavy use ( ex. hours of YouTube playback, Genshin Impact, taking pictures, and making calls) I haven’t dipped anywhere near the 5’s. The optional 68 watt charger has me topped off in a little less than an hour. Buy it, it makes the phone into a certified beast. This phone can also charge other devices when they are connected via USB c cable.Camera : physically very cool design, motorala’s photo app is not so cool. Strange colour science they chose to roll with for photos. It is the phone’s greatest weakness. Xda forums has a working version of Gcam alongside the. Xml config file. It changes everything! All of a sudden, you’re in the big boy camera game too. And you can even change Gcam to the default camera for your moto gestures!gcam-for-edge-x30-edge-30-pro-edge-plus-2022-working-night-mode-face-retouch-config-file.4391919/#post-86297887….. This is a clue how you get there. Research how to use the xml file and where to put it. Good luck.Software :Its stock android with moto mods mixed in. The unlocked version doesn’t come with a lot of useless apps. If you’re obsessed with security updates then you won’t like it. You can use whichever launcher you want, but I think stock does a pretty good job.The software excitement comes with Ready For (aka Motorola Dex) Trust me guys n gals, it’s legitimate and not a gimmick. I’ve played emulators on big screens, checked my emails with portable monitors, and basically made my laptop obsolete. It’s that dang good. Plus it can recognise the display output of the device it’s connected to and adjust. Get yourself a Bluetooth keyboard, a Usbc to hdmi cable, and a Bluetooth video game remote. The all in one experience is finally here, there, and anywhere a compatible device can be connected or cast to.Pro tips: Apt-X is a Bluetooth audio codec, and it makes compatible headphones sound truly amazing. I’ve found that Apt-X Adaptable can be a bit laggy on this phone, and honestly didn’t change much more than normal Apt-X. Trust me, if you don’t know anything about Bluetooth codecs and wonder if it’s worth the hassle, just try it once for comparison and thank me later.The Motorola Edge+2022 has less available resources under this name as compared to Motorola Edge 30 pro. They’re the same phone and can share the same resources. This will double the amount of advice and information you can find.Even though it looks like the sim tray can accept two cards… It can’t. I tried.Developer mode . Change the animation speed to x.5, change the default Bluetooth codec, change the World. Don’t play around too much or you’ll brick your phone. Every time you connect a new device you’ll have to check the Bluetooth codec option to change it. The phone should do it automatically after the first time.If you’ve made it this far.. Thank you for taking the time. If you do decide to buy this phone, I’d like to welcome you to a very small and exclusive group of people. We found our diamond in the rough, and with any luck it’s going to carry us (with 2 major updates and 3 years of security support) into a whole new world of productivity and awesome. Hello 👋 Moto… LET’S GO!!!

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  2. Karen M. Cardinale

    The phone is great. It’s fast has plenty of storage for me. Screen is very responsive. Finger print reader from the lock screen seems to be fussy sometimes. All in all great phone.

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  3. Brit

    I basically picked this phone as a replacement to my Samsung Galaxy A52. (Long story)I did alot looking into different phones that were around the same price range and had similar or better cameras. I really like the cameras on this phone. The screen is so nice looking, but I worry it can get cracked. So got a case and screen protector. The sound for speakers are loud, that is a bonus. The feel of it is soild too. Customization for the phone (apps and layout) not as great as Samsung’s, but I can deal with that downgrade. I am sad no Micro SD card slot. But the built in space should be good. Will post an update after a few months of use.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Very unhappy with sound quality after all the bragging by Motorola on the Dolby speakers, doesn’t sound any better than my LG stylo5

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  5. Sono-san

    The Motorola Edge Plus seems like a good phone with the top of the line Processor, a good amount of storage and memory, however once you start using the Motorola Edge Plus, you’ll soon realize that it is overpriced.Again with Android 12, phones are so bland and the Motorola Edge Plus is no exception. All Google apps for the services (Phone, Keyboard, contacts, gallery, files, Messages) with very little personality for the phone itself.The file system is fairly responsive even with a ton of pictures, the screen resolution is good, however the cameras are about right for a $300 phone. No external storage nor a headphone jack.The worst part is the touch screen inaccuracies, so many times the phone thinks I am scrolling horizontal when I was scrolling vertical. That is the most annoying part. Again, very little customization due to Android 12 and phone manufacturers giving up on adding any personality to the phone that makes it stand out from any other phone.I really don’t understand the joint effect with Phone manufacturers and Android on making all phones exactly the same as any other phone on the market. Bland and boring OS layouts matching any other phone with few features and customization. It’s sad.In short, if you need a phone for voice conversations, checking Facebook and uploading video to TicToc, this phone will work for you.

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  6. mason

    I’ve had this phone for around 4 weeks and quite happy with it. I would suggest a case for those who tend to drop your phone. I always have because it is easier to grip, pickup, and provides a little cushion when dropping. Pictures are fine, although I would say the low light photos do suffer slightly but not a deal breaker for me. Ran some Geekbench 5 scores and they were between 782 to734 single, 2550 to 2730 multi-core.Just changed carriers to T-Mobile and when in an urban area the 5G changes to 5G uc (Ultra Capacity) and the download was 500 to 600 mbps and upload was very good. So far my T-Mobile experience has been excellent with this phone. I live out in the rural areas and still get a decent signal to take care most of my common tasks on the phone. The WIFI download was 400 to 700 mbps and upload was in a similar range depending on the traffic at the time. It is a WIFI 6 phone. WIFI test was conducted in the same room as the router.I’ve always been partial to the moto phones when I could get them from my carrier. Don’t use a lot of the swipe options, try to keep it simple for this 82 year old mind. Love the fingerprint sensor on the power button or on the back(on an earlier Moto). So much more accurate than my Samsung screen sensor. Hated the Samsung because of that. If I read correctly, the “wizards of smart” are changing the new edge to a screen sensor. Should be fired immediately.The display is fine for my uses. Watch some you tube, Netflix, news, and some local channels on my homerun HD app. Perhaps my standards aren’t real high but no complaints here.Battery life is excellent. I get easily a day and half or more with normal use. When I ran a video test with Netflix, the battery ran down at about 10 to 12 percent an hour. For me, that is just fine.Checked the signal at my house inside and outside. I live exactly halfway between 2 towers approximately 14 miles apart. Outside my 5G download is anywhere from 50 to 80 mbps and 15 to 25 mbps upload. Inside 33 to 40 mbps download and 6 to 10 mbps upload. I have a brick home so signal resistance is higher.Not including this info as an endorsement of T-Mobile but to give you some indication as to the strength of the Moto Edge signal.Will update later if I think of anything of value to add.

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  7. Mike R

    I like all of the features, speed, display, battery life. I returned a Motorola Edge 2022 because I hated the on-display fingerprint reader. The 2021 model has the fingerprint reader “ON” the on/off button. This is sooo convenient and it is quite accurate. I tried transferring apps with the supplied cable and web address supplied, but that didn’t work well. At first I thought it was a phone problem. It was not. One of the apps corrupted during transfer and caused the problem. I suggest getting your apps from your Google backup, this really works the best, takes a little longer, but worth it. All in all this phone was a steal from Amazon. It came in a factory sealed box. 8GB RAM-256GB storage, 108 MPixel camera, it has it all. Was Motorola’s flagship cell phone in 2021. This will be my ‘forever’ cell phone.

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  8. Andrew G.

    This is my second edge, the first one got ran over by a forklift (4500 Lbs + 1000lbs of freight) pretty hefty. When I picked it up, I was expecting it to be dead, not turn on, blow up in my hand, or something along those lines. Instead I was greated by my screensaver (and heavy spider webbing from the glass but what do you expect?) And it continued to work flawlessly… Until I dropped it again… Then it did die, still one tough as nailes phone.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    I have a CDMA sim which does not work with my motorola edge + . The calls aren’t going through but the internet does. Are all CDMA sim cards not compatible with verizon Sim?If no, could someone help with the way forward.

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